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Concrete Replacement

At American Concrete Leveling, we strive for perfection in every job we take on. When it comes to level concrete, there is a big difference between perfect work and work that’s ‘just good enough.’ We offer our concrete replacement service for sidewalks, patios, driveways, and more—anywhere there is concrete. 

Uneven concrete around your home is a hazard to your family, your guests, your vehicles, and your furniture. A bit of concrete sticking up or sinking in can catch your foot as you walk by, tripping you and possibly injuring you if you fall. It will also put wear and tear on your vehicle, as it wears down tire treads and stresses the suspension. Plus, furniture like chairs and tables that sit on uneven concrete have weight distributed unevenly, stressing out certain legs more than others and wearing them down more quickly.  

Don’t let uneven concrete trip you up or wear down your possessions, let the experts at American Concrete Leveling replace your uneven concrete. When we’re done, your concrete will be perfectly level, which makes it safer and much better looking. If you need your concrete replaced, don’t wait, schedule an appointment today! 


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20230706_122510 20230710_201732
ConcreteReplacementAfter2-ACL ConcreteReplacement2-ACL
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IMG_20230713_204218 IMG_20230713_204202
20230523_121634 20230523_164849
before after
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American_Concrete_Leveling_Before_Driveway American_Concrete_Leveling_After_Driveway
Garage_Floor_Before garage_after_2
20230520_124354 IMG_20230520_173653
leveling2 leveling1
garage-floor-leveling-services-mi-before garage-concrete-leveling-floors-after
ACL Garage Floor & step BEFORE800 ACL Garage Floor & step AFTER800

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